Domestic Roofing and the Power of Prevention

Domestic Roofing in Surrey has changed a lot since MJR first began as a company. In fact, domestic roofing all over the country has evolved rapidly over recent decades.

MJR has been carrying out domestic roofing work for a long time now. As a result, our team has the time-served experience to know what the best solution is for almost any roofing related questions. This is especially true for those in our home county of Surrey.

At MJ Roofing, we believe the one thing that has not changed about domestic roofing over the years is the power of prevention. Read on to see exactly what this means and why.

Below is a recent photo of domestic works which we have undertaken in Surrey.



This is only our second blog post here at MJR. If you missed our first post about the importance of only using approved roofing contractors, then be sure to have a read – it includes some great information about ensuring that any roofing work you have done goes smoothly, is carried out in a safe manner and doesn’t cost you more than it should!

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We hope to build a wealth of helpful posts which can be used when your roof is in need of attention.

The Power of Prevention in Domestic Roofing

To begin with, we would like to use this early post to highlight how important it is to prevent a problem from ever happening rather than fix a problem once it has already happened.

Preventative measures are something which we all do, sometimes without even realising it. It could be for the cars we drive every day. For example, having a regular service or checking the engine every few weeks will no doubt prolong the life of the vehicle as well as save you money. They could be even bigger than that too, such as taking out life insurance or getting private health care to ensure you or your family are looked after properly.

Taking these extra preventative measures is simply common sense, and it shouldn’t be any different with your roof. Think about it; the roof over your head  is there to protect you and your family or colleagues. The same is true at home or above your commercial property or business address too.


Correctly Inspecting your Roof

It is important to have your roof inspected regularly. Usually, a good roof is built to last, so regularly might mean once every few years. However, if you know that your roof or property is more susceptible to getting blocked drains or leaks then it should definitely be more often than that.

If you are able to inspect your own roof (safely!) then you could save a lot of money. Spotting a slipped or broken tile and getting it repaired quickly will prevent further damage. Upon closer inspection, you may find the cause to be a bit more serious than heavy winds. If this is the case, and parts of the roof are corroding, then a replacement at this early stage will be a lot cheaper than having to completely re-fit the roof (and possibly carry out repairs on other aspects of the property!).

If you are unable to inspect your own roof, or you suspect your roof may need repairs then feel free to give MJR a call on 07415 355 923. Or if you’d prefer you can send us an email to info@mjroofing.ltd.uk. We’d be happy to have a look, for free, and let you know what we think would be the best thing to do.


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