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This roofing blog is a collection of useful resources about the domestic and commercial roofing industries.

MJ Roofing Ltd. is a roofing specialist based in Surrey, with many years of experience in a variety of different roofing areas.


Effective & Efficient Roofing Fleet Management

As a medium sized roofing company, MJR has a modest (and growing) roofing fleet. These vehicles are used on a daily basis for both our larger commercial sites and for our domestic customers. MJR believes that this fleet of vehicles makes up the backbone of the company. The roofing fleet is an important part of the process of running a successful and respected roofing company.

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An old house with a pitched roof

A Guide to… Pitched Roofs

There are many different types of roof covering. It can be confusing to even find out what already covers your roof! Although it is likely to be pitched roofs, it could be flat roofs or a combination of both. And then you need to decide if this is the correct type of roof covering, or if it would be more suitable to install another type…

This post is intended to be an easy to follow guide to pitched roofs which gives examples of how they are used and which coverings, such as tiles and slates, are most commonly used with them.

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Domestic Roofing and the Power of Prevention

Domestic Roofing in Surrey has changed a lot since MJR first began as a company. In fact, domestic roofing all over the country has evolved rapidly over recent decades.

MJR has been carrying out domestic roofing work for a long time now. As a result, our team has the time-served experience to know what the best solution is for almost any roofing related questions. This is especially true for those in our home county of Surrey.

At MJ Roofing, we believe the one thing that has not changed about domestic roofing over the years is the power of prevention. Read on to see exactly what this means and why.

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Why it is Important to Only Use Approved Roofing Contractors

Seeking approved roofing contractors is crucial when planning any kind of roofing improvement project for your home. From basic roof repairs to complete re-roofs getting the right contractor is extremely important. It is often reported that home owners can be stung by unaccredited tradesmen and untrustworthy contractors.

In the roofing industry, this kind of sting can mean more than just a leaky roof. While the original scam artists have got away with your cash, calling in approved roofing contractors who you do trust to fix the problem can leave you with another large bill too.


Read on to find out how to avoid problems like these. Also, some easy solutions to finding correctly approved roofing contractors and making sure your home improvement gets done properly!

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